Big Red Cattle Co.

Big Red Cattle company is a cattle, hay and farming operation in Myakka City. The cattle are raised on the ranch are Braford which is a cross between a Hereford and a Brahman. The Braford is red like a Hereford with white underbelly, head, and feet. It is stockier than a Hereford, though, getting the stockiness from the Brahman.The Braford is primarily used for beef, but sometimes used for rodeo. Braford’s were developed both in Australia in 1946 and in Florida in 1947.

Brafords have heat and insect resistance because of the increased number of sweat glands and oily skin inherited from their Brahman heritage. They do well in warm climates.

The other staple of Big Red Cattle Company is their hay division, growing some of the state’s top quality hay. They work with researchers from the University of Florida in field trials and are constantly testing new varieties. One of the best management practices (BMP) used on Big Red Cattle Company is to reuse water from the farm to seep irrigate hay fields. This practice saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually.