Wildlife and Conservation

Wildlife and conservation are of utmost important to the ranch owners and farm staff. They work closely with the Florida Wildlife Commission, the University of Florida, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the USDA to help study, protect and promote the natural Florida ecosystem and preserve it for future generations.

In November 2014 Blackbeard’s Ranch was a cooperator with University of Florida research, Dr. Raoul Boughton on the study of coyote attacks on cattle. They captured and GPS-collared 15 coyotes on three ranches. You can read more on this fascinating study in this report.

Blackbeard’s Ranch is proud to be a supporter and cooperator with the IFAS Range Cattle Research and Education Center in Ona. You can find more great research material here.

The Florida Conservation Group is dedicated to Conserving Florida’s Natural & Agricultural Landscape. Visit their site to learn more: www.FloridaConserve.org.

Wildlife Gallery

Photo by Carlton Ward
Photo by Carlton Ward

Photos by Carlton Ward

Juvenile Ibis
Cow Horse
Egret Resting
water hole 1
Gator Eyes
Wetland 1
Wetland 4

– Special thanks to Amy Trytek, photographer

Amy Photographer

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